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一年半 把自己的心封閉了 直到遇見你 

第一眼 看見你 就和其他人不一樣


突然的熟絡 突然而來的心動 



偶爾會想真心對你好 其實換來的是不是自己的一廂情願 



彼此都心動了  那還有錯嗎 


喜歡靜靜待在你身邊 喜歡你摸我的頭 喜歡你喜歡我 喜歡喜歡我的你

愛情是互相敷衍 還是應該互相妥協 

幸福是一廂情願 還是應該你情我願 

7th Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

It's like finally i been to Hot Air Balloon Fiesta after 3 years. The past events always crashed with my other business and finally i managed to go this year! Happy kid. People who know me well, they know that i love balloon so much which i can't resist i will melt hahaha Same goes to hot air balloon, it's still a balloon right :D Unfortunately I miss the chance to get a hot air balloon ride on that day because all tickets selling through online which different from previous years. We thought the hot air balloon ride ticket can purchase on the spot. 

We went for the morning launching sessions on the first day. We reached Putrajaya at 7am. The ticket to enter the launching field cost RM12 per person. It's the chance for us to get closer to the hot air balloon, from packing in a roll to flying to the sky 

Photos do talking


 I wish i'm the person who on the ride :( 

 This aeroplane hot air balloon below is unique compare to others because the ride is at the front not the bottom part of it. 

 Merchandise booth

Me and friends went to experience the Cold Inflation which only RM5 for 3 mintues.

 Actually that's nothing special haha just stepped into the hot air balloon and get some photos. 

 There's a booth, RC Insta Print for us to print our photo taken in 7th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on the spot. RM2 for each photo you print. 

There's other games such as paint ball, picnic places, children playground and etc at this fiesta. For me i just go there for hot air balloon so we don't really go for others :D
 There's evening session for the hot air balloon launching as well. 
So you may go on either morning session 7am or evening session 5pm. 
See you next year!


Sikit Atas, Damansara Heights

Skitatas.com is a Western, Asian, North Indian Restaurant Bar. It's a newly open restaurant that locate at Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights. They started their business on November 2014. The idea of the name of restaurant 'sikit atas' is derived from Malaysian slang used to describe people who aspire towards higher standards of perfection. However, their price are reasonable compare to other slightly higher standards western restaurant.

As I mention above, this restaurant is combining Asian, Western and North Indian types of food which there's a lot of choices in the menu that make me feel so kink on what to eat because all the food and drinks just look like so delicious :D 
The environment of the restaurant is spacious. There's outdoor and indoor dining places. I always prefer to sit at outdoor because of the sun light is the best companion to take a good photo of food and people.

The photo below is the indoor design of the restaurant. There's live band performance at night which i think it will bring different ambiance compare to day time.

Let's talk about their food and beverage!
Apple juice is always my favorite fruit juice.

Sikit Atas' pizza are baked using the traditional wood-fired oven. Their pizza is crispy even the pieces of pineapple is so juicy. As I know, they always make sure their food is fresh all the time which bring the best to the customers. 

I was so lucky because i got the chance to try on their signature dessert : Orea Chilled Cheesecake
It's not just looking nice and yummy, it's real DELICIOUS! *craving for it now*

For more information and updates, you can visit their Facebook or the official website of Sikitatas.com 
It's really worth to give a try on this restaurant. Their food and service are great where else you can enjoy the open dinning space environment with the reasonable price of food. 

Ground Floor, Wisma Perintis, 47 Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. 
For Reservations: 
Operating hours:
Monday - Saturday
8am - 1am

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Fuzio Coffee House

I'm here to introduce a new coffee house again! This coffee house is locate at Changkat, Bukit Buintang. Fuzio Coffee House was sharing the Restaurant with Fuzio Bar & Ristorante (Traditional Italian Food) at Day time.Therefore the enviroment at the ground floor will be Italy home style. However, i prefer the outdoor environment because of the table and chair. 

Address: No.29, Jalan Berangan, 50200, Kuala Lumpur.

 You will not know that the second floor and third floor of this restaurant are totally different! There are 3 types of design among the 3 floors. First floor is the Italy style, second floor is candle dinning style and the third floor is totally different what you see in first and second floor. I will show you the photo at below.

3 Easy Step to Get A Boy/Girlfriend 
I laugh when i saw this board. HAHA! Read it by your own.
 Can't see it clear? Visit the coffee house and check it out :) 
  This is the design of ground floor - Italy Home Style
Can you spot the shinning gold machine there? It's a coffee machine! It name ELEKTRA!
It look like a robot with many hands that can make few cups of coffee at the same time.
Inside of it can store coffee cups as well! Super cool and it is imported! 

Let's see the third floor! As i mentioned just now. Fuzio at night is an Italy Restaurant. This floor is actually a party place. There's a DJ stage at this floor. However, the boss of Fuzio Coffee House think that this is actually a good place for people to enjoy their coffee at the different style of environment which other coffee house wouldn't have! Do you like it? 

But the first thing you need to do is let's get the ground floor become FULLHOUSE! This area only able to open for business at day time. If you are a Coffee House lover. Let's spread this nice place around! 

 Let's talk about the food and beverage part! 
I strongly recommend their Chocolate!! The taste is super nice and smooth. Most of my friends know that I actually not a Coffee lover because I couldn't drink coffee i will feel headache. So, most of the time I just drink Milk and Chocolate only. I found that this is the best chocolate i taste ever! Most of the chocolate i tasted some are too strong some are too milky taste but this is the one taste good! 

So you guys some of their brunch menu. Their price are reasonable! 

 Some photos that i got from their Fuzio Facebook Like them for following updates and promotion! 

 The do selling cakes as well. Their signature Tofu Cake, Matcha Cake and Cucumber Tofu Cake

  Some candid shoot will do when you got such nice environment shooting spot :) 

 Fuzio Coffee House Operating Hours
Tue - Sat8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun8:00 am - 6:00 pm
 Closed on Monday 

Feel free do have a visit! They are still new! Spread this nice coffee house with your friends. 
Tag them on instagram @fuziocoffeehouse 

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