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WichDay Cafe

Another cafe that i discovered 2 months ago. Haha yea 2 months. I was too busy recently until i no time to blog about this. Most of my friends would know i like to go cafe shop that i never been there before. So here we go WichDay which located at Taman Connaught (Beside CIMB Bank)

The theme of this cafe is Green and Trojan design by the cafe owner herself. 

Present your Student Card will get 5% discounts! :) 

Opps i went on weekdays and evening hour so we are the only customers :D 
They are not only selling dessert. They do selling main course as well. Such as Spaghetti, Fried Rice, even having Lunch Sets. 
I went there just for their famous signature Pandora. However, you will also need to have a drink right. I ordered hot chocolate. I'm a "visual animal" hahaha my eyes always attracted by beautiful things and people. hehe The photo of this hot chocolate in the menu is too nice :P

Back to the main point of i went this cafe. Me and m Joan was been here on July since the time we saw a blogpost about WichDay. Both of us was attracted by the Pandora. Too bad when we reach there around 4pm. All the Pandora Box was SOLD OUT!

Reminder for people who wish to have a Pandora Box!
It only available from 3pm-5pm. Do a reserve before you go :) 
WichDay Cafe number : 012-2149061

So, I did a little surprise for the birthday girl Joan. I made reservation 1 week ago during her birthday month which is August and booked her date by not telling where we go until the dating date HAHA! 
I prepared the candles by myself. To make it look like a birthday cake 

What's inside? Toast and Ice cream 
I just wear braces in less than 1 week so I totally can't bite toast >.< So i just ate the fruits. 


Barlai, Pudu

Just feel like blogging about this place. A chill place name Barlai just located at the behind of VCR cafe. 
3, Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Off Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It's kinda hard to see this cafe if you drive too fast. lol what i mean is their cafe name just tooooo small. The photo below is the outlook design of the cafe. You can see there are 2 sliver round things at the top, I don't know what's that HAHA. I think that's the signature for you to look for this cafe.
Can you see the word "BARLAI" yea. that's just their title size. 

To be honest, if you are looking for those kind of coffee style like other coffee shop. This is not the place you want to go. They are selling more on wine, beer and normal snacks. 
The environment of this place are good. There are outdoor and indoor. We decide to sit at outdoor because we want the SUNLIGHT! best partner of taking photo hahaha #girlsbeinggirls

The outcome of taking photo under the super strong sunlight :D 

A photo that took by me which i like it so much. 

Never forget to take selfie with friend as well ^^ 


Face of Lacelle

What contact lens I'm wearing? It's Lacelle! Finally it launched in Malaysia! Before this, I knew this brand on Taiwan TV show and saw this brand during my previous Taiwan trip. The design of lens are LACE! Your eyes will look more shinning and instantly enlarge.

LACELLE by Bausch + Lomb is the latest cosmetic lens made to enhance your eyes with lace like glamour.

Lacelle are now having a contest. Be the new Face of Lacelle and get featured in exclusive Fashion Magazines + 4 Days 3 Nights vacation for 2 pax to Hong Kong + RM1,000 spending allowance + 1 year supply of coloured lenses!

Get yourself register on this #WOW track car. After you register they will give you a pair of free lens with your power. Super good right. If you do not want to participate the contest you still will getting 1 pair of FREE Lacelle lens. However, if you participate the contest. You will able to get 2 pairs of FREE Lacelle lens and 1 bottle of solution. 

There are make up artist provided. For the contestant, they will help you to make up or do touch up :) 
Next, there will be a photoshoot session at the mini studio in the #WOW track. 

They will upload your photo on their official website to let the judges to choose the 
Weekly Winners and New Face of Lacelle 

Say Hi to Louie! My friend is the person incharge of this roadshow :) 

Just register to get yourself a FREE pair of Lacelle coloured lenses and another FREE pair + a bottle of solution when you join the contest!

Check out where the next location of the #WOW track going to participate their contest. 
Check here : http://www.lacelle.com.my/roadshows 


20th Birthday Celebrations ♥

Yea i know it's August now and my birthday on June. It been 2 months ago and finally i just feel like blogging this. Forgive my laziness. First semester of my Degree study life gonna come to the end and now is the time for us to prepare for final. So, it been awhile i open laptop not because of do assignment but blogging here. 
Let's get started 

First celebration with the high schoolmates at The Bee, Publika
Every birthday celebrations is the time for us to have a small gathering same goes to my birthday. 
Thanks those people who willing to spend their times with me. 

I just realized all of my birthday "cakes" are chocolate

Nice environment of The Bee

 I actually took some photos of our meals but i think i not good in taking food photos. It doesn't look yummy so I choose not to post here. or else you think this restaurant food doesn't taste good by viewing my food photos. HAHAHA! #thinktoomuch

Every celebrations must do! SELFIE TIME! 
They are the buddies that i spent my birthday night with.
Joan, Mike
Jade, Li Ping
Foong, MengKean

A failed selfie took by smallblack. Out of focus bro. 

Group Photo took by a anonymous passerby 
Second round: Desa Park City 
It's my first time been there. I know this place long time ago because many people bring their doggie here during day time but i never know that this place can be so nice at night time. It's a good place for those "poser" who like to take photos but there nothing to do there at night actually. I love taking photos because photo recorded memory. So here we go.

Photo with my girls.
The important peoples in my secondary school life. 
It can be consider another group photo maybe *someone gone blurred* 

Second celebration @ Caffeiness, Kampung Pandan
A simple yet meaningful celebration. I know 3 of them in less than 1 year but treat me like a real sister. Take care of me, listen to me, be with me and couldn't be less party with me :D 
Sometimes you will never who will you meet the next, but one thing you should know. 
Fate will bring you to meet them. 
I told Chris I never had this kind of chocolate writing birthday "cakes" before. She straight replied me ok I treat you for your birthday. Even though it's just a little action but it really touch me. #thankyousomuchbabe
Thanks god bring you girls into my life ♥
A late comer JieYing. She went to buy birthday present for me. So lovely. 

Tadaa! As i said chocolate again HAHAHA! 

Third celebration @ Tous Les Jours, Bukit Bintang
Nevertheless, collegemates aka my bitches gang
See... as i told you at the previous celebration. I not good in taking food. HAHA! 
I recommend them to have TLJ egg benedict because it cheap and taste good. 
So, we are having egg benedict at night time as dinner hahahaha! what's wrong. 
What to do when settled our meals. #girlsbeinggirls 

There a table of angmos sitting beside us. They saw us having fun of taking photos so one of them request to take photo with us hahaha! This is the post he want us to post .__. #nosepicking 
Make wish but i never that it serious and i forgot what's the wish. 
Hi chocolate again 
Finally late comer WaiKuan is here! Group photo of the night. 
I think we almost spent 1 hour on taking photos HAHAHA! 
They are the people that i spent most of the time with in my 2 years of diploma life.

The typical caption "I'm officially 20 years old now" No longer teens, step into 2.
 Looking forward for 21st Birthday Bash! Day dreaming :p

*there are still few simple celebrations that i didn't blog about it *

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