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New Media Planning

Today topic is about how to create a new media planning. 
I had done my discussion with sounds recording and uploaded to my soundcloud account.

The link below is my discussion that posted on soundcloud :)

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Viral Video - Malaysia Chabor

There are many elements take make a content more likely to achieve viral success. It is not only video can be viral even game also can be viral. For today topic I am going to talk about viral video. What is viral video? Do you ever watch any viral video? How do you identify a content has gone viral?

I had seen one video that gone viral recently which is Malaysia Chabor. It is music video by a girl from Malaysia. She is famous on social network sites. The lyrics of the song are definitely design for her which wrote by a famous Youtuber which is Namewee.

Before we start talking about how's this video gone viral. For those people who haven watch this video, you may have a look on this video that show below.

This video got 1 million views in 4 days,  broke 2 million views in 10 days!!

Many local newspapers had written about this video and it even appeared on other country news such as Taiwan and Singapore.

People doing song cover on this song - Malaysia Chabor. There are several versions of this song cover on the social sites. Beside that, people also doing video about ukulele and piano tutorial of this song to teach people how to play this song with ukulele and piano.

The original of this content is uploaded on Youtube channel but it's share and cross channel. It shared on Facebook and Twitter as well. As conclusion, I think this video had achieve the viral success. 


Company Linked App

I had choose Golden Screen Cinema as the company to discuss on this week assignment topic: Company-Linked App. I will slightly do some introduction about the company background and how's their company app function in the following video.

Thanks for watching. 
Just ignore my tired face because i was recording this video at 3am midnight x.x 

Manage Your Social Presence in the Digital World

Last Saturday, Mr. Azhan Rabi was invited to my lecture class to give a talk about "Manage Your Social Presence in the Digital World" He is a professional social media practitioner in Malaysia. As a public relations student, it is our pleasure to attend his talk. I think most of us did get benefits and knowledge gained after attending this talk. Let's me share some of the information that he shared during the talk. 

He started the talk by greeting us in a quite friendly way. At first, he was concerning on the definition of social media and digital world. According to what's he said, I just know that there are 97% of people have more than one online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. 65% of them login those online accounts daily. People are now relaying on internet. Internet brings a lots of benefits to everyone. 

Beside that, I had learn the power of Virel - Whatever you do online stays online. Nowadays, Like, Tag, Share had become a trend in the social media. He told us not to put naughty photos on social network. He did suggest us not to put everything online. For example, one of the mobile app which is Foursquare. Not to check in every place you go, it might cause you in trouble.

The most interesting part was he shared the information about LinkedIn. I just know that this social site is so powerful and helpful for us to get a job in future. There are many people look for job by searching online. He showed us a table about Social Job Hunting by Network listed :

18400,000 Americans say they get job from Facebook
8000,000 Americans say they get job from Twitter
10200,000 Americans say they get job from LinkedIn

So as we can see, most of the people get their jobs from Facebook. Second is LinkedIn and third is Twitter.
We are just a digital asset, whatever we post not belong to us but belongs to the social sites. Mr. Azhan advised us think twice before whatever you post. Before you click “send” think of what it will do and what effects will bring. #Cyberbullying should not happened because it's harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. You may not know maybe your words on social network may cyberbully somebody one day. 

Lastly, i would like to share you a video that shared by Mr. Azhan Rabi during the talk. Have a look! :) 


Do we hire for "FREE" Media?

Is media free? New media is not free but it is cheap. We know that new media included social network, website, mobile apps and more. Do you actually spend money on using it? If we did not pay money for them. How do they actually earn money from? Today, i would like to discuss about “do we need to hire “free” media?” Is it necessary to hire a new media executive in a company.

On my opinion, my answer is No. Why i said so. As we know most of the company will hire Public Relations Executive. Since there are PR executive assist why do we need new media executive. Both of them having the similarity job scopes. First, company can save money. If PR executive can do the job as well why company need pay more to hire an extra employee to do the similar jobs.
Second, even though Public Relations major on communication, they did trained to use technology as well. They have the knowledge on how to control new media as well as crisis management. It is good to having different firm of basic knowledge, it helps to deal with different kind of situations. Communication is an important task in every relationship building between client, company and public. Let says there are conflict problems occurs, do the new media executive can handle as well as public relations executive that major in mass communication. As we know, there are no course that major in New Media. Therefore, what are the requirements to hire a new media executive?

New media can be known as a communication tools between company and public. Public relations and marketing can take charge for the communication part. Those technology part can also be back up by the web mater. So, do you think we really need to hire a new media executive? Even though new media executive may work more efficient or more focus on the new media. Those other executives can handle the jobs as well.

In conclusion, some may argue that hiring social media is a good move but i personally believe that we don't need to hire new media executive to do what PR practitioner can. By doing so, not only that we will be able to save cost, we can also train our employee to be better then what they already are so i don't see the need of hiring new media executive. 


How New Media affect Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing

 New media is a great platform for cooperation and communication. It can make announcements, keep contact and distribute information. New media had become quite important in the working industry as well as affecting in people's life nowadays. New media affects Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing. The comparison between new media and traditional media can be seen as new media had brings a lot of convenience to the society.

First of all, I would like to talk about how does the new media affects Public Relations. The new media had changed Public Relations work to be more efficient. Public Relations are now able to immediately approach the public or clients by using new media. Public relations use new media to identify press keeping online. In addition, Public Relations uses website to post up new release for the society to read, which makes the job of Public Relations practitioner easier. They will be able to distribute press release by using the website to inform the media about this matter. By clicking THIS link, it will direct you to a news release distribution website - www.massmediadistribution.com. Public relations are an indirect way to build relationship. Therefore, new media is a great way to maintain relationship of clients by following client's social networking sites.

Next, how does the new media affects Advertising? Compare to public relations, advertising is a paid service which is very direct. Advertiser use new media to interact with public. Audience can choose which circumstances they like such as choosing a ending for a short film between two different scenes. Advertiser allows audience to access internet about the advertising for interest. For example, when we access to Youtube, there will be a short advertising showing before the video start. Audience can choose to watch it or skip the ads after 5 seconds. Advertiser also uses mobile apps to do advertising. For example, Chatime showing their promotion on their official Wechat, people who subscribe to their wechat account will receive the notifications of promotion or update about upcoming events.
Last but not least, new media also affects and changes how does marketing works. Online purchase is now becoming a trend in the society. People tend to do online shopping instead of going out to purchase. New media benefits the marketing and it enables marketing agencies to measure outcomes better than using traditional media. For example, Zalora is a famous online shopping website in Malaysia now. Zalora is Asia’s Leading Online Fashion Destination. It is a big company that brings you a huge collection of items. Beside that, Dell Company also used new media as a marketing tool. They provide an online deal which is customize service on laptop for customer. People can choose various colour, storage, server and more. This is how new media has change marketing.

As conclusion, new media plays an important role in the society. It affects Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing industry. 


Fion Poon Charity Function

I had been to one charity event which is FION POON FASHION CHARITY in conjunction with SELANGOR CHESHIRE HOME 50TH ANNIVERSARY "Together We Care" at Fukuden Restaurant.

YB Dato Dr. Jimmy Choo was there together with my aunty Fion Poon 

Refreshment was provided during the event is running. All Japanese food yum yum 

There are performance as well 

Let us take a group photo of Poon's Family :) 

Fion Poon giving a speech. 

I have nothing much to write about this post actually just feel like sharing some photos to you guys. The event goes really well. Good job Fion Poon and Selangor Cheshire Home!

罗忆诗 was invited by Fion Poon to this function. She is a Malaysia singer and actress :)

My cousin just found this out on News Strait Time Newspaper and show it to me :D 

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