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Fuzio Coffee House

I'm here to introduce a new coffee house again! This coffee house is locate at Changkat, Bukit Buintang. Fuzio Coffee House was sharing the Restaurant with Fuzio Bar & Ristorante (Traditional Italian Food) at Day time.Therefore the enviroment at the ground floor will be Italy home style. However, i prefer the outdoor environment because of the table and chair. 

Address: No.29, Jalan Berangan, 50200, Kuala Lumpur.

 You will not know that the second floor and third floor of this restaurant are totally different! There are 3 types of design among the 3 floors. First floor is the Italy style, second floor is candle dinning style and the third floor is totally different what you see in first and second floor. I will show you the photo at below.

3 Easy Step to Get A Boy/Girlfriend 
I laugh when i saw this board. HAHA! Read it by your own.
 Can't see it clear? Visit the coffee house and check it out :) 
  This is the design of ground floor - Italy Home Style
Can you spot the shinning gold machine there? It's a coffee machine! It name ELEKTRA!
It look like a robot with many hands that can make few cups of coffee at the same time.
Inside of it can store coffee cups as well! Super cool and it is imported! 

Let's see the third floor! As i mentioned just now. Fuzio at night is an Italy Restaurant. This floor is actually a party place. There's a DJ stage at this floor. However, the boss of Fuzio Coffee House think that this is actually a good place for people to enjoy their coffee at the different style of environment which other coffee house wouldn't have! Do you like it? 

But the first thing you need to do is let's get the ground floor become FULLHOUSE! This area only able to open for business at day time. If you are a Coffee House lover. Let's spread this nice place around! 

 Let's talk about the food and beverage part! 
I strongly recommend their Chocolate!! The taste is super nice and smooth. Most of my friends know that I actually not a Coffee lover because I couldn't drink coffee i will feel headache. So, most of the time I just drink Milk and Chocolate only. I found that this is the best chocolate i taste ever! Most of the chocolate i tasted some are too strong some are too milky taste but this is the one taste good! 

So you guys some of their brunch menu. Their price are reasonable! 

 Some photos that i got from their Fuzio Facebook Like them for following updates and promotion! 

 The do selling cakes as well. Their signature Tofu Cake, Matcha Cake and Cucumber Tofu Cake

  Some candid shoot will do when you got such nice environment shooting spot :) 

 Fuzio Coffee House Operating Hours
Tue - Sat8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun8:00 am - 6:00 pm
 Closed on Monday 

Feel free do have a visit! They are still new! Spread this nice coffee house with your friends. 
Tag them on instagram @fuziocoffeehouse 


Velocity Coffee Bicycle Cafe, Ampang

I'm back after few weeks. Guess what? A good news for Ampang kaki. I found a new coffee shop which locate at Ampang. It's really less cafe that can chill in Ampang area. Most of them are opened at Kota Damansara, PJ and KL area. I'm the one who always purposely went to KL and chill. Until a day i saw my friend post a photo of this coffee shop on Instagram, the next day i been there with one of my bestie. She stay at Ampang I'm not but i'm Ampang kaki. I go Ampang almost twice a week to yumcha with friends. Most of them live at there. I live at Cheras. Somehow I think Cheras should open new coffee shop as well :D 

Back to the main topic of this post
Velocity Coffee Bicycle Cafe @ Ampang 
Challenger Sports Centre, Jalan Taman Putra, Taman Dagang Permai, Ampang
Open Wednesday-Monday, 11am-11pm

As you can see the photo below, there's bicycles behind me. It is a bicycle theme and decoration coffee shop. Those bicycles there are not just there for display, they are available for SELL! At the right corner in the cafe, there's a bicycle workshop. If you are a bicycle lover, definitely you should have a visit to this cafe. 

What i get to know from the staff there was this cafe opened by a gang of people that love bicycle. It's so cool that a group of friends that having a same interest and doing the right things together. 
When is my turn? hahaha  

Let's have a look of this coffee shop through photos taken by me


candid shoot ^^

 i think this is the bicycle language which normal people like me counldn't understand what's the exact meaning. HAHA!


 *The spaghetti below was a food testing. It's still not available on the menu.*
I think one day they will serve this because it's really special :) 

This cafe is full of natural lighting because there are many big windows from almost every sides of the cafe. 
Girl's favorite lighting to take a selfie or wefie 

There's a bookshelf. lol For sure you can see right. 
What i mean is you can get some books to read from there :P  

Last but not least, there's no WIFI there. Talk to each other when you not at home. Unless you go there alone. No..you can talk to the staffs. They are so friendly. 

I went there twice. The first time was too rush until i couldn't get to take much photos. So, we decided to go there the second time. I want take more photos to blog about it. 

Sometimes why we visit a cafe several times is because the environment, food, friendly staffs and not to forget the LOCATION hahaha! 
Matching outfit without telling. Black x Red 
Do visit them.
 It's just locate at opposite of Aeon Big Ampang. 


WichDay Cafe

Another cafe that i discovered 2 months ago. Haha yea 2 months. I was too busy recently until i no time to blog about this. Most of my friends would know i like to go cafe shop that i never been there before. So here we go WichDay which located at Taman Connaught (Beside CIMB Bank)

The theme of this cafe is Green and Trojan design by the cafe owner herself. 

Present your Student Card will get 5% discounts! :) 

Opps i went on weekdays and evening hour so we are the only customers :D 
They are not only selling dessert. They do selling main course as well. Such as Spaghetti, Fried Rice, even having Lunch Sets. 
I went there just for their famous signature Pandora. However, you will also need to have a drink right. I ordered hot chocolate. I'm a "visual animal" hahaha my eyes always attracted by beautiful things and people. hehe The photo of this hot chocolate in the menu is too nice :P

Back to the main point of i went this cafe. Me and m Joan was been here on July since the time we saw a blogpost about WichDay. Both of us was attracted by the Pandora. Too bad when we reach there around 4pm. All the Pandora Box was SOLD OUT!

Reminder for people who wish to have a Pandora Box!
It only available from 3pm-5pm. Do a reserve before you go :) 
WichDay Cafe number : 012-2149061

So, I did a little surprise for the birthday girl Joan. I made reservation 1 week ago during her birthday month which is August and booked her date by not telling where we go until the dating date HAHA! 
I prepared the candles by myself. To make it look like a birthday cake 

What's inside? Toast and Ice cream 
I just wear braces in less than 1 week so I totally can't bite toast >.< So i just ate the fruits. 

Click Click ♥


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